At CD Laboratories, we are always looking for new ways to streamline the interaction between providers and our laboratory. Our NEW online portal allows providers to place their test order and view test results in one location.


Ordering Tests with the Synovasure Portal

With this portal, ordering now is as simple as inputting the required information, printing the requisition and including it in the shipment with the specimen. Our laboratory system will receive this order and once we receive the specimen, we will match the printed requisition to the specimen.

Viewing Results 

Results are still provided via fax and/or protected email, but with the online portal, providers are able to access all results electronically. The portal also allows providers to see charted progression or changes in patient results for those that they have tested more than once.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Yes. If you utilize the online portal for test ordering, a paper form will not need to be completed. The completed online order should be printed upon completion and included in the shipment with the specimen.

If submitting this way, please ensure to have patient sign on the printed form where noted.

Yes. Results will still be sent to providers in the same manner as they have in the past. The online portal will hold all new results for the provider. In the event there are results for the same patient from multiple aspirations, result progression and changes will be available on the portal.

All new physician enrollments, effective April 20, 2022, will have an account established in the portal. Log-in information is provided in the confirmation letter sent by CD Laboratories Customer Service upon completion of enrollment. 

If you enrolled after April 20, and need your log-in information, please contact CD Laboratories Customer Service at [email protected] or 888-981-8378.

If you enrolled prior to April 20, and would like to set up an account, please complete our Portal Request Form and Customer Service will contact you.

Yes, for now. In the future, CD Laboratories will be moving to a completely online process. At that point, paper forms will be removed from specimen kits and providers will be required to order tests via the online portal. 

Yes. The Synovasure Online Portal is offered through Lifepoint Informatics, which is a trusted name in helping labs, hospitals, and pathology groups to effectively connect with physicians and providers and complies with all regulations. Learn more about Lifepoint Informatics at

Physicians and/or their clinic can contact CD Laboratories Customer Service at 888-981-8378 or email [email protected]