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Synovasure® Alpha Defensin, NSA

This test CANNOT be ordered as a stand-alone test option.


The Synovasure® Alpha Defensin lab developed test (LDT) for native septic arthritis (NSA) consists of assays for synovial fluid alpha defensin ELISA and Lactate tests. It is intended to be used as an adjunct to aid in the diagnosis of NSA.


Test Components

Alpha Defensin, synovial fluid
Lactate, synovial fluid


Panels Include In

Synovasure® Comprehensive NSA Panel (Go to Panel)

Synovasure RISC® Panel (Go to Panel)

Note: Alpha Defensin for NSA test is only part of the Synovasure RISC® Panel as a reflex for enhanced infection results when WBC count is elevated. Not all specimens are tested for alpha defensin.


Available in New York State?

No. This test and the panels it is part of are not currently approved for use on patients from within New York state. 

Specimen Source(s)

Native joint 

Note: Performance on specimens from other anatomic locations is not defined. Non-intraarticular joint fluid will be tested if Zimmer Biomet is participating in a clinical study.


Specimen Type

Synovial Fluid


Required Volume

0.5 mL


Volume by Tube Type*

No Additive Tube: 1.0mL

*Tubes are provided within specimen transportation kits


Specimen Stability

4 days post-aspiration


Ambient/Room Temperature prior to shipment. If being held overnight or over a weekend, store in refrigeration.


Shipping Materials

All materials needed to package and ship are included within transportation kit. Make sure to retain tracking number from provided FedEx label for tracking purposes


Shipping Guidelines

Monday to Friday

Ship specimen the same day as aspiration

Saturday to Sunday

Place in refrigeration and ship specimen on Monday

Reasons for Specimen Rejection

1.  Specimen is outside stability range (i.e. more than 5 days)

2.  Specimen is not representative of synovial fluid (i.e. blood, urine, etc.)

3.  Specimen is aspirated from a location other than the intra-articular joint space

*Note: Non-synovial fluid or intra-articular joint specimens will be tested if associated with a Zimmer Biomet-approved clinical study.

When submitting a specimen to CD Laboratories for this panel:

    • Do not use lavage, contrast or other foreign liquids to aspirate fluid
    • Ensure specimen is not overly hemolyzed
    • A completed requisition form is required with each specimen
    • A barcode label from the specimen transportation kit is required on the top of completed requisition
    • For Physician Accounts Only: Patient signature and insurance information are required


This test is not available as a stand-alone test option. For pricing for the test panels in which this test is included, please select from the below list:


CPT Codes

TestCPT Code
Alpha Defensin, Synovial Fluid83516
Lactate, Synovial Fluid86140

Ordering SKU

This test is available utilizing either the Infection Specimen Transportation Kit (00-8888-130-01) or Arthritis Specimen Transportation Kit (00-8888-160-01). If a full Arthritis work-up is desired, utilize the Arthritis Specimen Transportation Kit. For infection only, utilize the Infection Specimen Transportation Kit.


How to Order Kit

Contact your local Zimmer Biomet sales representative

For result or test questions, contact CD Laboratories Customer Service at 888-981-8378 or [email protected]